Maddy Ellwanger

 I'm a musician, cinematographer, designer, seamstress, actress,
and model.

I love to do everything on my own because I enjoy the entire process
of putting it all together from start to finish and watching it begin
as something simple and turn into something amazing.
I write, record, produce and edit all of my songs and albums. I also
create the concepts, sets and costumes for my music videos as well as
direct, film and edit them.

When I make a music video I like to turn a room into a completely
different world that doesn't necessarilly exist in everyday life. I want
to create an atmosphere for people that takes them out of their
reality for a little while.

I spend months creating the costumes and sets for my videos.
I make everything from scratch and am the epitome of
'DIY'. I love to take anything that doesn't seem useful anymore
and turn it into something unique and new to add to my art.
Almost all of the sets for my videos have been made completely
out of nothing but old cardboard boxes, cans, paint, fabric, and glue.

With the internet and social media, art has been lost and started
to become unnappreciated in a way. Anyone with a phone is a
photographer and can be a celebrity for absolutely no reason and
it's taking away the art of being an artist. There are so many incredible
artists that put so much effort into creating something wonderful
that just get pushed to the side because we have access to anything we
want whenever we want it and because of that we forget about all of the
effort that goes into creating it.

All of the things I've created so far have been created without a budget
so to actually have a budget would push my art so much further and
let my creativity excel even more on a much larger scale. I will keep
creating regardless but the more money that gets put into it the better
the content will get, so if you would like to see my art at its highest
potential please be sure to pledge!
Thank you,
  - Maddy Ellwanger